A Question….And An Inspiration

While watching The Ugly Duckling, my toddler asked, ‘Why did the mamma duck push the baby duck away?’ What could I tell her…because the duckling looked and sounded different? This was not the answer I wanted to give. It would mean to her that it was common to reject somebody who was different.

Her simple question left a profound mark on me. While the ugly duckling does convey positive messages about discovering our true selves, it also puts forth negative messages like ‘Accept only your own kind’. Though the duckling discovered its true self and grew into a beautiful swan, the message did not base acceptance or admiration on the ducklings actions, but rather, left it to beauty bestowed by time or fate. There is no emphasis on the importance of one’s good actions and inner qualities.

I, like every other parent, want my child to develop good values…kindness, courage, loyalty, tolerance, determination. But how do I instil these values at a tender age and go on to reinforce them at every stage of her life. How do I make sure I communicate the values and messages in my heart to her? How do I tell them right, so that she remembers them forever…

Since books had always been a significant part of my childhood and the pen is always mighty, I turned to them. I wanted to present to her, a good story along with my heartfelt message, in a unique way. I mulled over the idea of a very special book with a very special message, made specially for my child. A one-of-a-kind gift, which she would treasure, remember and hold on to, during good times and bad…derive comfort from…at any stage of her life.

The idea was born…the book was made and TheMeStory followed…