How I discovered the Power of Stories

One day, my kindergartener came home from school and excitedly narrated an incident which had happened that day. “Mamma,” she said, “ two kids were trying to trouble Lina and scratch her.” Lina was my daughter’s friend from school. “I stood in front of her and told them to try and scratch me instead.” I … Continue reading How I discovered the Power of Stories

Wield the Power of Stories — Positively!

When my daughter turned 4, we went to shop for a bicycle. Many of the girls in the neighbourhood had pink or purple cycles and I was curious to see what colour she would pick. I was delighted when she chose a shiny black and orange cycle for herself. Back home, cycling with her girl … Continue reading Wield the Power of Stories — Positively!

A Question….And An Inspiration

While watching The Ugly Duckling, my toddler asked, 'Why did the mamma duck push the baby duck away?' What could I tell her...because the duckling looked and sounded different? This was not the answer I wanted to give. It would mean to her that it was common to reject somebody who was different. Her simple … Continue reading A Question….And An Inspiration